19 January 2014

National French Week Video, Poster, and Animation Contest Winners - 2013

Félicitations à tous les participants! 

This is the second year of the National French Week Video, Poster, and Animation contest and the judges were highly impressed with the 48 submissions! We were excited by the variety and uniqueness of every entry. Please take some time and look over the top 5 winners, the honorable mentions, and the other participants' projects and start planning for next year's contest! The playlist for all of the video submissions can be found below. 

Bravo et bonne continuation! 
Première place: Geneva Community High School - Geneva, Illinois 
Vidéo: French the language of the 21st Century 
Professeur:  Martha  Behlow 
Sierra B.
Kyle B.
Hannah B.
Alan C.
Kathleen C.
Stephanie C.
Cameron G.
Shelby P.
Lauren G.
Jakob E.
Samantha K.
Caroline N.
Alexa O.

Deuxième place: Geneva Community High School
Vidéo: French the language of the 21st Century 
Professeur:  Martha  Behlow 
Élève: Haley H. 

Troisième place: Linganore High School - Frederick, MD
Vidéo: French for New Markets 
Professeur:  Dragana Blonder 
Tyler G.
Bridget D.
Jessica L.
Jack G.
Rhiannon W.

Quatrième place: Geneva Community High School
Vidéo: French is Timeless 
Professeur:  Martha  Behlow 
Olivia S. 
Alison K. 
Vera K. 
Serena W. 
Olivia Z. 
Anna G.

Cinquième place: Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School - Plainview, NY
Vidéo: L'Amour
Professeur: Madame Salzman
Carly S.
Amanda G.

Mention Honorable: Wyoming High School -
Wyoming, OH
Vidéo: Français dans notre vie
Professeur: Cecile Laine
Nat P.
Sam W.
Alex K.
Tommy B.

Mention Honorable: Shore Regional High School - 
West Long Branch, NJ
Vidéo500+ Miles for French
Professeur: Madame Alice Ennis Simonson
Bailey W.
Carlyn P.
Dan S.

Mention Honorable: Chapel Hill High School - 
Chapel Hill, NC
VidéoLes Transports En Commun
Professeur: Christen Campbell
Antoine S.
Thomas E.

Mention Honorable: Adlai E Stevenson HS - 
Licolnshire, IL
VidéoI Speak French
Professeur: Justin Frieman
Johnathan L.
Yana G. 
Braden M.

Mention Honorable: Geneva Community High School
VidéoLa Langue du 21e Siècle
Professeur: Pam Cabeen
Izabella B.
Madeleine B. 
Madeline P.

View all of the videos submitted to the National French Week Video/Poster/Animation Contest!

Students also submitted their entries using PowToons, Animoto, Glogster, and GoAnimate. Please click on the links to view their entries.

Glogster: Clearsprings High 
Jesse D. 

Glogster: Hopewell High
Brooke M. 
Kelsey S. 

Glogster: Hopewell High
Keondre B. 

GoAnimate : Deer Path Middle School 
Jacqui P. 
Charlotte M. 

GoAnimate  : Deer Path Middle School 
Grace A.
Kimie H.
Erin S.
Ben R.

Powtoon : Southold Jr/Sr High School
Dante T. 

Animoto:  Union Catholic 
Erin S.
Christina B.

AnimotoTriton Regional High School   
Mari O.

Animoto Paxon Hollow Middle School 
Jennifer J.

AnimotoClear Springs High 
Anthony N.  
AnimotoClear Springs High 
Meghan H.  

AnimotoClear Springs High 
Naazneen I.  

AnimotoClear Springs High 
Janie A.  

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