17 June 2012

The 2012 AATF Conference will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago, IL from July 5th through July 8th. As always, there will be a wealth of information shared by educators from across the continent. Members of the AATF Commission on Technology will offer two sessions: 1 workshop and 1 working session. 

Beyond the Commission sessions, several educators will present their experience and knowledge on technology in the World Language domain. Please consider attending the following sessions! 

Le jeudi 5 juillet:
Heure: 14h-15h / Salle: St. Clair / Public: secondaire
 S108: Effective Techniques for Using Smartboards, Laptops, and iPads to Teach French brevet and Baccalaureate Curricula

Intervenant: Adam Steg, Miami Dade County Public Schoools

The presenter will describe effective techniques for using Smartboards, laptops, and iPads to teach French brevet and baccalaureate curricula.  Emphasis will be placed on practical techniques using readily available resources and technology. PowerPoint illustration of screenshots and appropriate content will be included. Links to useful sites will be distributed.

Heure: 15h15-16h15 / Salle: St. Clair / Public: general
 S118: The World In Your Pocket!

Intervenante: Melinda M. Larson-Horne, Pewaukee High School (WI)

Technology has become portable, allowing learning to occur anywhere, any time. Students read, write, create, collaborate, research, and practice. Mobile devices can help motivate reluctant learners, support struggling learners, and challenge advanced learners.

Le vendredi 6 juillet

Heure: 8h45-10h00 / Salle: Holabird / Public: general
S215: La Technologie aux bords et au sein de la Francophonie

Intervenantes: Polly R. Duke, Friends Academy (NY), Jacqueline Friedman, Horace Mann School (NY), et Diane Paravazian, St. John's University (NY)

Complexe, nuancée, variée, la Francophonie devient accessible aux élèves et aux étudiants à travers les outils technologiques qui sont à leur portée. Les intervenantes présenteront une variété de ressources, de projets et de destinations virtuelles et francophones.

Heure: 10h30-11h30 / Salle: King Arthur Court / Public: secondaire universitaire
S220: The iPad in the 21st-Century French Language Classroom

Intervenante: Franca P. Gilbert, Franklin Academy Charter High School (NC)

Participants will be introduced to a multifaceted approach to incorporating the iPad in the foreign language classroom. The presenter will include tips on how to use applications effectively with students. Discussion will focus on use of applications to develop the communication skills needed to become proficient in any language. From podcasts and virtual museum guides to Francophone television, the presenter will give tips and ideas on how to maximize the tablet technology available and make it work for the teacher.

Heure: 14h15-15h15 / Salle: Toledo / Public: secondaire
S242: Technology in the French Classroom: Effects on Language and Cultural Competence

Intervenante: Elizabeth E. Zwanziger, University of Northern Iowa - Malcolm Price Laboratory School

The one-to-one computer initiative is becoming more common in schools, but how does the implementation of digital tablets or laptops for each student affect pedagogy and outcomes in the French classroom? Digital devices bring many advantages and brand new possibilities to world language teaching and as well as a number of challenges. The presenter will provide examples from a French-teacher perspective of how one tablet or computer per student has  impacted students' reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural competence during the past academic year in high school French.

Le samedi 7 juillet

Heure: 8h00-9h15 / Salle: Toledo / Public: general
S302: Do You Have the Latest Free Technology in Your Classroom?

Intervenante: Adina Alexandru, Southington Public Schools (MA)

This session will explore multiple venues to keep the foreign language class alive while getting updated on the latest free Web technology. With nothing more than a reliable Internet connection, you can create documentaries, entertainment, and how-to videos while helping your students develop outstanding speaking and writing skills.

Heure: 10h00-11h00 / Salle: Michigan / Public: general
C319: Working Session of the Commission on Technology

Animatrices: Lara L. Lomicka, University of South Carolina, Co-Présidente de la Commission, et Catherine Ousselin, Mt Vernon High School (WA), Co-Présidente de la Commission

Interested in using technology to teach French? Bring an idea to share, a project to discuss, or a question. The Commission on Technology will host an interactive working session that encourages the exchange of ideas and fosters stimulating discussion about the use of technology in language learning. Come and find out more about the Commission and about using technology in language teaching.

Heure: 10h00-11h00 / Salle: Ohio / Public: général
S317: Digitally Speaking: Free Digital Resources to Improve Oral Proficiency

Intervenante: Catherine T. Ritz, Arlington Public Schools (MA)

This session will focus on how to use free digital resources to improve students' oral proficiency. Participants will learn how to use a wide variety of Web sites, such as Google Voice, Voki, Blabberize, GoAnimate, and more to make speaking tasks engaging and fun. We will also discuss how to share student work digitally through blog sites, thereby transforming a class assignment into "published" work.

Le dimanche 8 juillet
Atelier (pré-inscription recommandée)
Heure:  8h00-11h00 /  Salle: Holabird / Public: general
 W405: The Commission On Technology Presents: Thinking About Syncing? Connecting with World Language E-Learners

Intervenantes: Lara L. Lomicka, University of South Carolina, Co-Présidente de la Commission, et Catherine Ousselin, Mount Vernon High School (WA), Co-Présidente de la Commission

The Commission on Technology will host a collaborative, hands-on workshop to promote the exchange and development of technology-enhanced lessons and projects. An interactive discussion will encompass attitudes, experiences, and challenges in the adaption of technology in world language education. Participants should bring a laptop computer or iPhone/Pad/Pod or Android device.

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