23 August 2011

Welcome to the AATF Commission on Technology Tech Blog!

 In conjunction with the Commission Website, the members of the Commission have as a goal to present lessons and ideas on easy-to-use, engaging, and thoughtful tools for incorporating technology into the World Language curricula. Each week, members of the Commission will demonstrate a Web site, program, or device pertinent to language learners and educators. The pages to the left of this post will house permanent links and documents for these tools as well as updated progress reports on their use in classrooms. 

The Commission invites suggestions and comments on the blog in order to foster a Professional Learning Network (PLN) in Technology for World Language educators at all levels. If you are not a member of the AATF Facebook page or Twitter feed, please consider joining by clicking on the links to the left. It is through these Social Media connections that our community develops into a profoundly useful resource available at all hours of the day! 

If you wish to share an idea by e-mail, you may send us a message at:  aatftech@gmail.com

For the inaugural post of this new blog, I have chosen to share a video entitled "Why Do We Connect?" The video was compiled by Shelly S. Terrell, an outstanding technology specialist in World Language acquisition. I met Shelly through my recent participation in a Language Acquisition Resource Center Social Media (LARC) webinar this summer. Her work inspiring teachers (at all tech levels) to use technology to enhance student learning is remarkable and comprehensible.  I invite you to visit Shelly’s blog and follow her on Twitter.  
A la prochaine,
Catherine Ousselin
Co-Chair of the AATF Commission on Technology

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